Dom pod Lipami, built and supported by NASZA FUNDACJA and located about 30 km from the Polish-Ukrainian border, is getting ready to welcome children from Ukrainian orphanages. NASZA FUNDACJA is adapting new rooms to provide shelter for as many children fleeing the war as possible.

NASZA FUNDACJA also financially support the Benedictine Abbey in Przemyśl, where the Nuns have been receiving refugees upon their first moments in Poland after crossing the border. Older pupils of the Dom pod Lipami assist the Nuns in their daily activities related to helping the refugees. All those fleeing war need first and foremost the provision of basic needs: security, shelter, warmth and food.

NASZA FUNDACJA rents and furnishes flats in Warsaw, which are made available free of charge for  mothers with children fleeing Ukraine. In this difficult time  we offer them a shelter, look for a job for mothers and find places in schools and kindergartens for children. We take special care of children who require treatment, and we try to provide them with the necessary medical assistance.

One of many things these children and their parents need at the moment is to believe that – after all – the world is full of good people.


NASZA FUNDACJA ul. Klimczaka 1, 02-797 Warszawa


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Ми з Вами / We are with You

Nasza Fundacja is a Partner of the Charity Gala for Ukraine

organised by the Grand Theatre – National Opera on Thursday, 14 April at 6.30 pm


Nasza Fundacja

„Nasza Fundacja” was established in 2008 to provide comprehensive care for children from the Child Care Home in Jaroslaw, Podkarpacie province. The first, basic and biggest challenge for us was to build a new house for the children.

In continuing its mission, The Foundation seeks to financially support the children by paying for tutoring,  language  and  sports  camps  and  additional  activities to  develop  their  talents  and interests.  As  far  as  any  medical  issues  are  concerned,  The  Foundation helps  by  covering  the costs  of  orthodontics,  specialist  diagnostics and  treatment,  a  psychologist  and  a  speech therapist.  We  have  created  a  scholarship  system  to  motivate  children  to  work  on  themselves and to learn. We want to broaden the children’s horizons and constantly encourage them to be proactive.  We  try  to  make  them  believe  that  it’s  worth  it…  that  their  future  depends  on themselves. It is our aim and dream to help them enter adult life with the kind of family support that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. We intend to provide them with beneficial apprenticeships  and  assist  them  in  achieving  their  employment  potential.  After  they  become independent, we want to provide them with small apartments for the first three to five years so that they do not have to return to the place from which they came to the orphanage. Our goal is to provide each child with the best possible conditions for personal development and a chance for a positive start to adulthood.

We try to raise funds for our activities throughout the year. However the most successful event is the annual „Charity Evening of Nasza Fundacja”. For this special evening we invite an elite group of friends of „Nasza Fundacja” to Pałac Sobański – the seat of the Polish Business Roundtable. On this special day, Sonia Bohosiewicz and Juliusz Windorbski, both irreplaceable and  wholeheartedly  devoted  to  „Nasza  Fundacja”,  host  the  evening  and  the  charity  auction. Icons of the Polish music scene (Urszula Dudziak, Kasia Kowalska, Justyna Steczkowska, Patrycja Markowska, Stanisław Sojka) add splendor to every „Charity Evening of Nasza Fundacja”, performing pro bono. Instead of auctioning material goods, we offer unique prizes to our guests, special experiences that cannot be bought regardless of economic status. The  auction   covers   artistic,   sports,   recreational  and   cultural   events,   as   well   as   dinners   with outstanding, extraordinary personalities.

During our auctions, the following special events have been on offer: private dinners with the Former President Lech Walesa, Agnieszka Holland, and Krystyna Janda; a boat trip on the Vistula River with Stanisław Tym; a Special Episode with Robert Kubica, a football match and dinner with Anna and Robert Lewandowski in Munich, premieres at La Scala with an invitation for an exclusive dinner, opportunity to become one of the heroes of  Dorota Masłowska’s novel, a dinner for 10 prepared at home by Ania Starmach, a match  with the world’s best tennis doubles team, Fyrstenberg – Matkowski as well as many other fascinating events with exceptional people – the founders of our auctions. „Nasza Fundacja” is a Public  Benefit  Organization  and  does  not  allocate  a  single  zloty  from  the  collected  funds  to finance its own activities. The annual “Charity Evening” is financed by the private funds of the Foundation’s  governing  body.  All  the  money  raised  goes  to  help  the  children.  Together,  we adults can change the fate of many children and give them a chance for a decent life, now and in the future.