Dom Pod Lipami

The  construction  of  „Dom  pod  Lipami”  began  in  2008.  The  Governor  of  Jaroslaw,  Mr  Tadeusz Chrzan, donated a hectare of land in Radymno, near Jaroslaw, for the building of a new children’s care home. After more than five years, in January 2017, the children moved into a beautiful, colourful and invitig „Dom pod Lipami”. This is how they called their imagined and long-awaited house.

During the official opening of “Dom pod Lipami”, in gratitude for the opening of the new house, the children prepared numerous artistic performances. Their main message to „Nasza Fundacja” and  all  the  donors  was  a  quotation  from  the  book  „The  Little  Prince”  by  Antoine  de  Saint- Exupery: „YOU LOST SO MUCH TIME FOR ME THAT I FEEL IMPORTANT”. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve. The aim of our project was to create a welcoming, joyful home that included an office and the appropriate technical, recreational, scientific, dining and kitchen facilities.

The  entire  plot  of  land  where  the  “Dom  pod  Lipami”  was  built  has  been  developed  for accompanying  functions,  such  as  a  volleyball,  basketball  and  soccer  pitch,  a  playground  for younger children, a designated place for a bonfire with seating around it, a parking lot, gravel and paved paths and access to the facilities and the parking lot for 16 cars. It was all completed with  maximum  respect  for  the  existing  greenery  and  new  plantings.  The  property  is  supplied with gas, electricity, water from the municipal network, and a sewerage system. The building was designed as an irregular block – oblong in shape, matching the shape of the plot and the world directions. It is composed of 3 parts. On the west side, there is a sleeping area (ground and  first  floor),  while  the  middle  section  consists  of  common  spaces:  a  dining  room  and  a common room on the first floor, with light partition systems that can create one large common space.

On the first floor there are kitchenettes for older children, playrooms, group and individual therapy rooms, and a computer room. On the east side of the building, on the second floor there is a technical kitchen, staff offices and a guest room. Throughout the building there are 13  double bedrooms, one large four-bedroom, and 14 bathrooms for children.

Above the residential and recreational part of the house, there is a gable roof that creates an attic with the height necessary for possible future uses, such as dance classes and theatre activities.