Second Charity Evening of Nasza Fundacja

Traditionally, the Second Charity Evening of „Nasza Fundacja” took place in the Sobanski Palace. The purpose of this special evening was to raise funds for further stages of construction of the Children Care Home in Radymno. The tickets and charity donations bought by our guests and the events sold gave the unimaginable amount of PLN 1 200 000. This is a great success of the evening. Many distinguished Guests honored and supported us with their presence. As last year the Evening and Auction was conducted by Friends of „Nasza Fundacja” – Sonia Bohosiewicz and Juliusz Windorbski. The evening was honored by the excellent and charitable performance of Urszula Dudziak, who won the hearts of all guests with her voice and personality. As last year the  auctioned  events  included  sport,  recreation,  culture  as  well  as  dinners  with  outstanding personalities. All the Donors of this unique Auction turned out to be extremely generous, both those who put up the „events” for auction and those who bought them. Every zloty collected during the evening will be donated to the Children Care Hoem in Radymno. All costs incurred in organizing the event were covered from private funds of “Nasza Fundacja” Board and Council Members.